The “Zawán del Darro” hotel is built on an old noble house from the XVI century. At first it was inhabited by an important man of the Court (1563) ,the building was given to a religious members community of a holy order at the end of the XVI century, and was inhabited by them in the beginning of the XVII century.

The hotel keeps the old stone carved shield of the Community exceptionally. The courtyard with its columns made by stone from Sierra Elvira and marble from Macael, paneled ceiling and nobility woods bolster and Renaissance fountain cataloged by Cultural Heritage.

THE CARRERA DE DARRO, probably the most beautiful street in Europe, parallel to the course of the “Darro” river, keep magnificent buildings of different styles: noble houses convents, churches, Moorish bath.

In this street (Carrera del Darro) lived Mr. Hernando de Zafra, a secretary of the Royal Monarchs, dukes and nobles at the Felipe II times. Mrs. Mariana Pineda was born here and her story is present below the Alhambra towers and the “Torre de la Vela” bell.


THE ALBAYCÍN. It´s located on San Miguel hill, on the right bank of the “Darro” river and opposite the Alhambra hill

If you do a tour along Carrera del Darro, near the hotel, you will go first to the “Paseo del Tristes” and enjoy one of the most wonderful view of the Alhambra.

Going up the “Cuesta del Chapiz” you will enter the heart of the Albaicín: San Salvador, San Nicolás churches and its bay windows, Plaza Larga square, San Bartolomé and a lot of marvelous places where the light and the placidity of this historic quarter of Granada will enthrall you.

The Albaicín has a labyrinthine design, a usual one in the medieval towns. Wherever you go, you will meet, different architecture styles, towers, walls, mosque minarets turned into Christian bell towers, cisterns and memories of the past. The “Zawán del Darro” hotel wait for your estimate visit so that you enjoy that special atmosphere.